“Bark Buster tree service is the only company I will use from now on. I have used several other tree companies in the past and I was always disappointed and broke after the job. Their professionalism and attention to detail was impeccable. I have a yard full of precious plants. They removed several huge trees without damaging one plant or flower. They were FAST efficient and well worth the money (prices were great though!!). Thank you guys and have a great weekend! See you soon for the next round of tree removal.”
Kristen Greene
“I had Bark Buster clear an entire backyard full of trees last month. We had a few surprise heavy rain events which made moving the bulldozer/chipper very difficult. They ended up having to leave the equipment in the yard to wait out the rain for a few days. That being said, they did everything they could to make it right and worked in the rain and mud for several days to finish the job. This is a great team of hardworking guys. In the end, I felt like I received a good price and was fairly treated. I would recommend Bark Buster and will use them again.”
Joseph D’Amico
“What an amazing job this service did taking down about 12 trees, and limbing-up several more, in our yard. Team works together like a fine tuned machine, and their prices are more than reasonable. Highly recommend.”
Susan Self Duran
“Tree masters! Never saw anything like it. They removed 25 trees from my 2 acre property. Fast, efficient and affordable. The owner was gracious and on site during most of the work, as much as one could be. I felt very comfortable and relaxed during the entire process after watching them in the first few trees. I will use them again without a doubt!”
George Whitley
“BARK BUSTER Tree Service was working in our area and we decided to hire them to remove 11 very large trees. We were wonderfully surprised to witness a crew that works like a well oiled machine. These folks took down all 11 trees in less than 2 days, cutting, chipping, raking, cleaning…every one of the crew committed to getting the job done right in a timely manner and at a very reasonable price. We are extremely happy BARK BUSTER customers and highly recommend them!”
Christy Southard
“Great team of hardworking guys! This tree service was working in my neighborhood and I just happen to stop and talk to Eric and tell him I had some trees I might need to remove, his answer was I will be right down and take a look and give you an estimate, he came that afternoon. The team was next door working and they moved over to my yard the next day. They removed 7 trees for us and cleaned up to our satisfaction. I highly recommend this tree removal company. Thanks Guys!”
Barbara Fountain
“We had a total of 30 trees taken down by Bark Buster Tree service. They did everything they said they would do and at a fair price. We would definitely use them again!”
Bobby Snyder
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